Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

My darling ~J~ seems to think I am deserving of the "Versatile Blogger Award," and has thus proceeded to bestow upon me this lovely and colorful honor.  Which he made himself.  In all realities, he is the star, and has been since our toddler years.  I learn more and more from him each day.  Almost as much as I miss him and his bony hugs... skinny bitch. (Tee hee).

Part of said award is to divulge 7 unknown or little known facts about myself, as well as tagging 5 new bloggers with this honor.  And thus the chain keeps going.  I must be careful in the stories that I now share, for at one time, all of my most embarrassing moments happened to involve dear ~J~ in our pre-fabulous stages...

7. In kindergarten, I tied a fellow classmate's lunchbox to a cafeteria table because I had found a piece of yarn.  I had been tying it up and breaking it free, pretending to be a superhero with incredible strength, when all of a sudden, the bell rang to go back to class, and I could not for the life of me get it untied.  The girl started crying, and I was taken to the principal's office.  There, I was questioned and reprimanded for being mean to another student.  When I tried to explain the superhero thing, I was called a liar and my mother was notified.  This moment has instilled within me a great fear and distrust of authority figures.

6. I have, and always will, be affected by my weight.  I was a real porker from the age of 8 up until the age of 16, when I discovered anorexia and bulimia and running, and lost around 50 pounds in 3 months.  The dance with food is ongoing, as is my perception of myself.  In my head, I know if I look like a Victoria's Secret model, I'll feel better.  In my heart, I know that if I look like a Victoria's Secret model, it still wouldn't be good enough.  So, focusing on healthy life choices and ignoring scales is the only way I can win this battle.

5. I was my class Valedictorian.  Number 1 out of 380 students.  It seemed like a huge accomplishment at the time to my family and friends.  And that has left me feeling like I will never ever again have such a grand achievement in my life.  I am terrified of my own dreams of greatness.  So terrified that I am afraid of giving them a chance to come true.

4. I dream daily of a house in the woods, with a creek running behind it, and a garden full of fresh veggies, and three kids running around with an abundance of animals and wildlife.  On the porch, Patrick and I stare out over our progeny, smiling and watching the sunset slowly into the trees.  We're both drinking Miller High Life.  Champagne of beers, baby.

3. I foolishly and vainly love when people say that I "look EXACTLY like" famous and gorgeous so-and-so.  I don't act like it, but those comments can be the very highlight of my day.  I am not good at being vain, and feel extremely guilty when I am, so I laugh off these comments and say it isn't true.

2. My imagination will never die.  I am constantly spinning and weaving tales and stories in my mind.  Making up things about the person sitting across from me at the restaurant.  Deciding the fates of people I see walking the street.  Sometimes I can hardly sleep for the things I see in my head.  And I wouldn't trade that for the world.  I want a child's heart forever.

1. My name is really Amelia Earhart.  I didn't really disappear in 1937.  I just found the secret to youth everlasting (the Tucks had it all along) and have been living out my existence in various places throughout the world.

Ok... that last one may or may not be the actual truth.

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  1. you still must pass on the award to 5 other witty wordsmiths such as ourselves.

    Also you are far to kind. I'm not that skinny.

    And although you seem to forget I played 43rd fiddle to your valedictorian achievement I still am behind in so many other ways.
    However, I was born first!
    I love you more than I love diminishing numbers on my digital scale