Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day of Birth

Darlings, it is my birthday.  January 10th of 1985, at 8:48 PM, I officially exited my mother's body and entered the world a screaming, bloody, wrinkled mess.  With a full head of black hair.

A tradition that I have always loved about my family, on our birthdays, our particular birth stories are shared with whatever group of people happen to be gathered to celebrate.  So, since the age I started remembering everything, I have known that my mother was going for a check up the day she popped me out.  Her water broke on the exam table around 11 AM... yadayadayada... they admitted her, and eventually, here I am.

I think, once hubby and I conceive and birth a baby, I will be sharing that story with our children as well.  Their birth story, not my own.  I'll embarrass them in front of friends and family with tales of amniotic fluid, vagina, and breasts leaking with milk.  That's what parents are for, right?

I am now 27!  I am no longer a child.  I am officially grown up. I am in my late 20's.  Three years from 30 as Patrick keeps reminding me.  Only one week apart from my soul counter, Jestoso.  Wish him a happy birthday as well, my darlings.

So please, if you all would, stand and raise your glass to my mother and father for raising me, and not giving up on my so many times when they could have.  Raise a glass to my dear friend, Gayisevolution, and wish us many happy more years to come.

Here's to keeping childhood alive forever!

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  1. We make January fantabulous!!
    Thanks for the love my poppet.
    At 30 lets promise to spend our birth week in Italy!
    Love you spiritual sis