Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day By Day

Sister-in-law gave us a rip-a-day calendar of facts to scare the shit out of you.  Today's, the fact that office desks are filthier than toilet seats, is a happy little reminder of the desk side fate I escaped back in August of 2011.  Now I spend my days cleaning our home, writing, and making things with my hands.  I love creating, and thankfully the only desk I encounter is the one in my own home office.

Finally the holidays are behind us, and I can finally breathe again.  No more running and scrambling to go to different places.  I can enjoy my husband, my animals, and my quiet time in peace in my own home.  It feels lovely.

Our family has grown slightly as well (along with the passing of one member - story to follow) by a kitten.  For Christmas, I received a tiny grey tabby kitten.  With a tail, unlike our first cat, Reggie.  Tail equipped kittens are just as fun.  Frank Lyndon Baines Johnson is 11 weeks old and already spoiled.  Darn my love of all things small and furry.

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