Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LOVE From Philly

My darlings, my hubby took me to Philadelphia and New York for our 1 year wedding anniversary.  Cheese and crackers, I cannot believe we have already been married for an entire frickin year.  But I am soooooooooooo happy.

Also extremely happy about the trip.  As many of you may (most likely may not) know, as a child, I did not travel as much as my heart wished.  And as a young adult, finishing my degree, getting married and divorced rapidly, selling my personal possessions to keep myself fed and in a warm, dry place, I had too much going on to travel yet again.  Then he came along and changed all that.

Now, within this past year, I have been to Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, New York, and various other places close to our home in Tennessee for visits.  A trip is already in the works for New Orleans early next year.  *Smiles and claps hands like a Victorian mistress*

More about the marvelous but extremely tiring trip later, my dear ones.  I have much to tell and share with my friends both near and far.

We look damn good in that photo, in my humble opinion.  But that is just the tricks of love and happiness.  Underneath, I have gained ten pounds since last year at this time.  Nowhere near my ungodly heaviest weight, but still, what girl wants to weigh ten pounds more than they need to?

So, I am vowing now to get that ten pounds off my 5'2" frame as quickly as possible.  

LOVE from Philly.

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