Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sleepy and Sneezy and Doc and Dopey...

I'm Grumpy.

I woke up in a bad mood today.  As a result, and without meaning to be so horrible, everyone is paying for it.  I just had one of those dreams, you know?  The one where unthinkable things happen, and people you know would never hurt you in real life stab you in the heart.

I know how dreams work.  I know that the reason I have those bad dreams is because I tend to over-think and over-analyze everything that I do.  So if I worry about something enough, low and behold, it pops into my dream world.  Which, upon awakening make me angry for experiencing my nightmare and angry at myself for thinking about something so much that it manifests itself in my dreams.

In the midst of my terrible, horrible mood, I stumble upon a girl from college that I knew in passing.  She had her baby in August of this year, but instead of taking him home like one expects when having a baby, it is learned that her little Tyson has Shone's Complex.  So he has been fighting for his life for the past two months, braving open heart surgeries and tubes and monitors, and she has been only able to watch and pray for her child.  Help Tyson Fight.

Now there is a nightmare.  There is a reason to be grumpy and angry.  Not my pettiness.

I like how God reminds me gently that I am blessed and have no reason to be grumpy.  Life is precious.  Why waste it by being in a bad mood?

Meg, I am praying for you and Justin and your Tyson.  He's a fighter.

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