Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Good Offense is a Good Defense... And Vice Versa

I believe in guns.  

I believe in protecting myself and my family.  If I need firepower to do so, then so be it.  I do not want to be a statistic, and I never want someone I love to become one.

I was raised in a family that believed in guns.  Not so much that we prayed to the holy rifle, and crossed ourselves before cleaning our weapons, but I am proud to say that when I went away to college, my dad gave me a handgun to carry with me.  My first.  A .32 revolver owned by my grandfather.  Now I own a Baby Glock, a graduation present from my husband, and I love shooting that gun.  The key to not being afraid of a gun, is to know how to use it.

That is why I was much aggrieved to see a forum of women debating on the above "mace gun."  

I am not a violent person, believe you me.  I am the last to throw up my fists in anger and the last to allow my words of discontent to stain another's ears.  But I do believe in being PREPARED and READY to protect myself.

What I found on this website, was women calling this mace "cute", "fun", "adorable."  I rolled my eyes and ignored all this.  It's pink.  If it gets a woman to put it in her purse in case of an attack, awesome.  (Although I don't recommend mace in all cases.  You are at risk at being exposed to the spray as well if not used properly.)

What really got my goose was a certain woman shaming everyone else for buying the "mace gun" and other weapons to protect themselves.  This woman said that attack was no form of defense or offense, and perhaps women shouldn't be putting themselves in situations where they could possibly be accosted.

I'm sorry.  What?  I'm a "bad and violent person" for wanting to protect myself in case a situation arises?  "Attacking an attacker" is a selfish and unproductive way to protect myself?

People, we are about to see Darwinism take effect.

I wish no ill for this woman.  I hope her plan of staying at home and not going out late at night do keep her safe, and she is never attacked by anyone and no one in her family is attacked either.

But there are home invasions every day.  There are people who rob banks in daylight.  There are people who hijack cars in the middle of the day, in parking lots and on side streets.  You don't have to be in a back alley behind a dive bar at 2 AM to be mugged, raped, and murdered.  You could be jogging in the morning in the middle of your neighborhood, doing garden work in your backyard, sleeping in your bed.

And I want the two handguns in my house or on my person to be there to protect in case it ever does happen.  Or the multitudinous other weapons and guns in our house.  Just as a word of caution:  If you ever come to visit us, announce your arrival and entrance.  Otherwise, you could be staring down the barrel of a glock or a kimber, with three dogs ready to bring you down as well.
(Actually, the only reason to fear the dogs is if you are afraid of being smothered by wet tongue kisses and heavy bodies begging to be held.  But the chihuahau will eat your soul.)


  1. Ah The Feared Chihuahau, Theyve Been Know To Tear A Full Size Man Apart In Mere Moments. As For Owning Guns For Personal/Family Protection, I Agree 100%. I Have A Semi Automatic .32 That Stays Locked Away Incase Of Home Invasion Or Attack. I Want To Upgrade To Something With A Little More Kick, But Only After Completing The Required Hand Gun Permit/Safety Classes The City Makes You Go Through Before You Can Carry A Firearm On Your Person.

  2. I haven't done my carry permit class either. I NEED to get that done soon. It was supposed to happen in January...